Learning To Control Biological Responses While Learning To Fly

People were not meant to fly, at least not without the help of feathers, wings, or planes. Not only are you fighting the orders of Mother Nature by attending one of several aviation colleges, such as Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, and learning to fly, but you will also learn how to fight biological responses. Here is more on that subject and what you will learn. Fight, Flight, and Freeze...in Mid-Air? Read More 

Child-Friendly Food Tips For Your Daycare-Bound Child

When you have a child in daycare, you're often responsible for providing snacks and/or meals for the child each day. This can mean getting up a little earlier each morning to put together a lunch kit that will nourish your child until you pick him or her back up. While nutrition is important — as is following any food guidelines set out by the daycare provider — you need to also think about the impact what you pack could have on your child. Read More 

4 Reasons A Business Information Degree Is Great For Students Interested In Start-Up Work

Working for a start-up can be enormously exciting in comparison to taking a humdrum job for an established corporate empire. When a start-up venture turns out successful, those who work for the company from the beginning can also often enjoy enormous financial rewards and become wealthy relatively quickly. Of course, the right education is an important ingredient for start-up success. A business information degree is one of the best possible academic preparations for those aspiring to create or work for a startup. Read More 

Tips For Sending Your Child To Preschool

When your goal as a parent is to send your child on the track to a quality education, one of the most pivotal decisions revolves around where you send them to preschool. A good preschool can stimulate their mind and strengthen their development and learning potential. With this in mind, consider these tips on finding the right preschool, getting them ready, and more.  Do Your Best To Find The Right Preschool Read More 

Finding A Summer Program For Kids That Uses Montessori Teaching Methods

Finding a local summer program that uses Montessori teaching methods might be easier than you think. The program you choose doesn't necessarily need to be a program that's run by a Montessori school in order to teach similar values. However, if you're looking for a Montessori summer program for your children, the program that you choose needs to center around Montessori values — encourage the kids to actively seek knowledge; respect the kids' natural social, psychological, and physical development process; and emphasize freedom within limits and independence. Read More