What Should Parents Expect From A Montessori Child Care Center?

The Montessori philosophy is a specific way of educating and caring for children. Many child care centers operate based on the Montessori philosophy. If you decide to entrust your child to one of these daycare centers, these are the things you can expect:

1. Kids will be presented with a range of optional, enriching activities

Montessori child care focuses on kids' emotional and intellectual growth. However, it accomplishes this in ways that are different than those employed by the typical educational system. Instead of being given rigorous lesson plans, kids in a Montessori child care center will be presented with optional activities. These activities are tailored to kids' developmental levels, and they're designed to stimulate children intellectually. Kids will have the freedom to choose the activities they would like to participate in based on their own interests. Many studies show that self-directed learning is a great way to get kids excited about the educational process.

2. Kids will be encouraged to stick with tasks until they are completed

Kids will have the freedom to choose their own daily activities from a number of options. However, once they begin an activity, they will be encouraged to see the activity through until the end. Perseverance is an important character trait that will serve kids well throughout their lives. Kids will not be forced to complete various activities, but child care providers will provide assistance and encouragement as necessary. As children learn the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a finished task, they'll build up their stamina and stores of willpower.

3. Kids will have the chance to play with other children of different ages

The Montessori philosophy starts from the premise that artificial age divisions are unnatural and unhelpful for children. At a Montessori child care center, kids will be placed in groups with others in their age brackets. This means that children will be able to learn from older kids while teaching younger kids. When kids of different ages mingle, they can improve their social skills in a way that mimics the way that adults typically socialize.

4. Kids will be given meaningful responsibilities

Kids at a Montessori child care center will be entrusted with certain responsibilities. Children will help to distribute toys and clean up at the end of the day. They will also take turns passing out snacks and doing other tasks necessary for a happy and productive daycare session. These meaningful responsibilities can teach kids that their contributions are valuable.