Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

Many children, especially those who've never been in a classroom setting, are overwhelmed when they begin kindergarten. Some children cry and request to go home on their first few days because the entire experience is too much for them to handle. While most children grow out of this phase within a few days and get used to being in school, it can drag on for others and negatively impact the quality of their education or even their emotional well-being.

If you have a child starting kindergarten soon, you may want to do something to help them prepare for the experience so it's less traumatizing and they have a good year. Typically, young children struggle with school because the environment is such a drastic change for them. If you can help prepare them for what's to come, they'll likely have a much better time in kindergarten. 

Sitting Still for Long Duration

When your child is at home, they typically don't have to sit still for long durations—aside from the 20 minutes or so it takes to eat their meals. Kindergarten will be different, as the teachers expect the students to remain in their seats for most of the day. It's helpful to let your child know this so they know what to expect, and you could even set up a workstation at home so they can get used to sitting for longer.  


The best way to ensure your child has a good kindergarten experience is to prepare them as much as possible for things that may challenge them. You can begin teaching your child at home so they get used to the learning process and so they have a head start going into kindergarten. You could even sign them up for preschool or a similar program so they're already learning essential skills before kindergarten starts. 

Listening to Their Teachers

Most kindergarten teachers are friendly and understanding, but if your child is one of the children that makes their job difficult, they may see the mean side of their teacher. It's stressful for a child to be disciplined by an adult stranger, especially if their mistakes are accidental.

Before your child begins kindergarten, you should have many conversations with them explaining how the format works, so they know how vital it is to listen to their teacher and follow classroom rules. You need to instill in them the importance of respecting authority, so they don't have a problematic relationship with their teacher, as it will only negatively impact them both.

For more information about kindergarten, contact a local school.