Finding A Summer Program For Kids That Uses Montessori Teaching Methods

Finding a local summer program that uses Montessori teaching methods might be easier than you think. The program you choose doesn't necessarily need to be a program that's run by a Montessori school in order to teach similar values. However, if you're looking for a Montessori summer program for your children, the program that you choose needs to center around Montessori values — encourage the kids to actively seek knowledge; respect the kids' natural social, psychological, and physical development process; and emphasize freedom within limits and independence. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Trade School May Be A Better Choice Than College

Are you trying to decide how best to continue your education? Perhaps you just graduated from high school and are weighing your options. Or maybe you're ready for a career change and aren't sure which direction to take. Many young adults often default to choosing a four-year college for post-secondary schooling, even if they're not exactly sure what career they want to pursue. However, college isn't your only option. You may want to consider trade school instead. Read More